Lockdown Challenges

Members of SCPC are taking part in a weekly Member’s challenge in the time of lockdown: not in competition, just for fun. If you want to join in, just apply to be a member to get access to the Members’ area for the entry form.
On line membership is free until September. Click here to contact the club
Click on an image to see the results…

Shoot a Still Life

Stacks Image 97

Adventures in the Kitchen

Stacks Image 91

Shoot a subject that’s only partly in the frame

Stacks Image 71

Rock, Paper, Scissors’ in one shot

Stacks Image 83

Something found in your toolbox

Stacks Image 52

In the fridge

Stacks Image 67

In The Garden

Stacks Image 61

From a Different View Point

Stacks Image 103

A Self Portrait

Stacks Image 93

Through the Window

Stacks Image 87

Five objects that are the same colour

Stacks Image 79

Five things that begin with ‘E’

Stacks Image 75

Five circular objects

Stacks Image 50

Mirrors and Reflections

Stacks Image 48

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