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Ian Dean

My interest in photography began in my twenties as an addition to my cycling interest recording events and landscapes. 

My enthusiasm for snapping led me to enrol at night school and then to Fentham PS (now SCPC) to gain some technical know how. 

I have been interested in photography of all kinds for many years and continue to get a buzz from capturing 'that' image. I find the Club competitions a great source of inspiration and encouragement.
Seaton Spiral
John Cresswell

I have been taking pictures for over 60 years and started competitions around 1980.

My best award was in 1999 winning the Ilford Landscape Award. I have a broad range of pictures and have mounted over 1100 prints!
Indian River
Paul Stokes

I’ve been interested in photography since I was 14 (long ago now!) but had never been to a photo club until 2015, when I joined what was to become SCPC.

Club membership has inspired me to take a greater interest, and greater care in my photography. I hope that is reflected in the pictures in this gallery.

What makes me push the button? Light. To see the way daylight works and plays around the subject of the picture. I hope you enjoy my collection.
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Catherine Nicholls

I joined Sutton Photography Club (formerly Fentham) about eight years ago. I’ve always taken a lot of photographs but I wanted to improve my skills, not just in taking the pictures but also in printing and displaying them.

Many of my images were taken in Cornwall where I was born but joining a club has encouraged me to get out and about to take pictures that are new and original.  I also print my own pictures and have learned how to use computer software.

I find photography an absorbing and challenging hobby which has made me many new friends.
Museum View
Dave Cooke

I have been fascinated by the photographic image, ever since an uncle showed me how to make a contact print when I was about 15. I started with a Kodak Brownie 127, I then progressed with various cameras until I had a proper system camera Olympus OM’s. When digital came along I did not think it was for me! But soon decided I was getting left behind by not having a Digital Camera so went to Nikon. I now use a D7100 Which is a good tool for me. I am not that interested in the latest new equipment, as most cameras these days can take a technically good image. It’s the person behind the lens that makes a good photograph. My images are wide and varied, My first Love is prints, I also enter PDIs in club competitions and have produced and entered, Audio Visuals in competitions.
Jazz Singer
Alan McCormick

I'm retired and live in locally. I've been a keen photographer for more years than I care to remember, but I certainly don't long for the days of expensive colour slide film and hours spent in the darkroom.

However, I think some photographers expect the camera to do all of the work, and tend to overlook that some of the greatest images ever taken did not use cameras with multi segment metering, massive ISO ranges and software lens aberration fixes, and the phenomenal sports and wildlife shots, taken before autofocus became a must have.

I enjoy candid portraiture, travel and music festival photography. I am not much in to studio or set-up shots, in general.
Richard Brown

My interest in photography started as a schoolboy, doing developing and contact printing in a cupboard under stairs.

In 1975 I saw an audio visual presentation at the Fentham PS exhibition and was convinced straightaway that AV was what I wanted to do. I joined the club, the forerunner of SCPC and became Secretary the following year. I’m still not sure whether I’m going to like it or not!

Although AV takes up most of my time, I do enter projected images into competitions. I am also a volunteer photographer for Cats Protection, so unsurprisingly some of my pictures do tend to feature cats.
Steve West

I’m married with 3 children, living in Stockland green.

I’ve been into photography since I was a teenager. This interest let me to make a sideways move from being a Technician Apprentice to being a Staff Photographer at Rover Cars, Longbridge, Birmingham. My career as a professional photographer lasted 10 years, before I went back to being an Engineer.

It wasn’t until 2007 that my wife bought me my first decent digital camera. I joined Fentham P S (now Sutton Coldfield PC) shortly after.
Click here to see a short video about my life in Photography.
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Georgina Hughes

I'm still the newbie at the moment.  I started off oil painting from the age of 17, had an exhibition at 18, then went to work in the City of London.  Working for a couple of years at St Katherine's Dock, I would regularly take tourists photos during my lunch break and had fun trying out lots of different cameras.  This inspired me to get a better camera.   My photography then improved and I now love living near Sutton Park (the dog has finally got used to stopping and waiting for me rather than the other way round!).

I can't afford the best equipment but try and take the best picture that I see whether it be with my Nikon (I switched from a Canon believe it or not) or my Sony camera phone.  Photography is ageless and every time I come to the club, I am inspired by the talent of different people of different ages and walks of life.
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Martin J James

The process of image making fascinates me. Constructing an image that satisfies the critical eye of  a competition judge is a very rewarding activity.  I enjoy using Photoshop and DXO Photolab 2 to adjust and improve images. I also get a tremendous kick out of printing my own images, but only when the printer is behaving itself! 

I joined the club in 2003 after extensive cancer treatment and it proved to be a really beneficial focus in my recovery. The members of the club were extremely supportive.
Disconnected Commuters on the MTR
David Ballantyne

My interest in photography grew from an uncle who had a brick out house converted into a dark room. My fascination with images never left me after I watched those pictures appear in the mysterious chemicals under that red glow. Later I commandeered my father's garden shed for my own dark room with a home built enlarger counterbalanced  with a lump of lead. It worked! This love of imaging led me to join the BBC at eighteen years of age. I eventually became a senior lighting cameraman, unfortunately for many years the demands of the job meant I had little time for serious still photography, so on retirement I joined this club, a perfect incentive to get out and take photographs. I will photograph anything that takes my eye rather than concentrate on a particular genre. A couple of years ago I succeeded in getting my LRPS an attempt at ARPS will follow.

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