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Audio Visual Group

Now that practically everyone is taking digital images and with the easy availability of AV software such as PTE AV Studio. Now is the time to start showing off your photography and ideas using the exciting medium of audio visual. The SCPC Audio Visual Group FADE meets informally to help and instruct members who are interested in using the pictures to exe programme to create digital programmes of images & sound and promote the enjoyment of audio visuals.

An example of our work is the 'Town trail' AV produced for Sutton Coldfield Civic Society.
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Congratulations to Malcolm Imhoff on winning The FIAP Grand Prix, and the FIAP Gold Medal with his “Spaghetti Tour” AV. You can see Malcolm’s AV by clicking here
Please click on the pictures above and below to see some examples of our work.

If you are interested in knowing more about our AV group, please contact Richard Brown on 0121 350 4629.
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One day of History - Dave Cooke
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The Magic Forest - Malcolm Imhoff

Here are some useful AV links:

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